Accesories, Parts, and Supplies

As a supplement to our custom design and fabrication services, we use and distribute several parts and supplies from leading vendors, including:

Anode Bags and Baskets
  • Baker Bags: anode bags
  • Cosmo Minerals: anode baskets
  • Titan: anodes and anode baskets
  • Vulcanium: anode baskets
Filters and Pumps
  • Camac Industries: pump and filter systems
  • Flo-King: in-tank filter systems
  • LMI: metering pumps
  • March: magnetic driven chemical pumps
  • Penguin: pumps and filter systems
  • Price: stainless steel pumps
  • Serfilco: pumps and filters
  • Sethco: pumps and filters
  • Standard Pumps: drum pumps
  • Tiree: pumps, filters and filter presses
  • Wilden: metallic and plastic diaphragm pumps
Heaters and Controls
  • Camac Industries: heat exchangers
  • Clepco: heaters and controls
  • Paul Mueller Co.: plate coils
  • Process Technology: heaters and controls
  • Tranter: plate coils
Plating Barrels, Spin Dryers, and Baskets
  • Auto Technology: plating barrels, spin dryers
  • Hardwood Line: plating barrels
  • Meadville: dipping and spin dryer baskets
  • Napco: plating barrels
  • New Holland: spin dryers and baskets
  • Nobles: spin dryers and baskets
  • Sterling: plating barrels
  • Aldonex: rectifiers
  • Assmann: molded polyethylene tanks
  • Auto Technology: test chambers
  • Camac Industries: chillers
  • Crest Ultrasonics: ultrasonic equipment
  • Field Lining Systems: flexible liners
  • Met-Chem: filter presses, clarifiers and sludge dryers
  • PolyProcessing: molded polyethylene tanks
  • Dynapower: rectifiers
  • Unit Liner: flexible liners
  • Viron International: blowers and fume scrubbers