Frequently Asked Questions


What is secondary containment?

Secondary containment is a dike, remote impoundment or any other containment area which protects a tank, pipe or transfer station from damage due to vehicle traffic, fire exposure, spills from nearby tanks and which prevents any material spilled or released from reaching the land or water outside the containment area before clean-up occurs.

What is dielectric material?

It’s a material that is a non-conductor of direct electrical current.

What is ASTM C1147?

It is the standard practice for determining the short-term tensile weld strength of chemical resistant thermoplastics. It covers the preparation and evaluation of joints between two pieces of weldable grades of thermoplastic materials, backed and unbacked, up to 2″ in thickness.

How do PKG’s plastic fabricators remain ASTM C1147 qualified?

At least once a year, the welders prepare and are tested on specimens of each combination of plastics and welding equipment for which PKG seeks qualification.

What does PKG stand for?

The three original owners’ last names: Sam Pontarelli, Mike Kobin and Dan Geska.

What’s the largest tank PKG can manufacture?

20,000 lbs is the weight limit for a tank that requires sandblasting, but we can handle up to 25,000 lbs for a tank that does not require sandblasting. We can also fabricate some plastic tanks in sections and then field-weld the tank.

What are the differences between XLPE tanks and HDLPE tanks?

The basic differences are in the molecular structure of the materials, which produces performance differences. XLPE, due to the linking of polymer chains, provides superior impact, abrasion, environmental stress cracking, and notch resistance over the linear material.

Where are the pictures of Bill Mitchell?

We have performed an extensive search for photos of Bill Mitchell and discovered that they were deemed to be too ugly to view. Therefore, we are keeping them safely locked up in the archives under “Too Ugly to View”.

Does PKG sell coatings, Rhino Linining, Koroseal material or plastisol?

No. We only provide the services of coating and lining. Please contact the manufacturers of those products if you are interested in purchasing the materials.

Can I get a quote on having my truck bed Rhino lined?

PKG does not line truck beds. The Rhino Linings we use are not the same as the truck bed liner.