Custom Fabrication of a Wet Bench System for Acid Etching

Custom Fabrication Wet Bench System
Custom Fabrication Wet Bench System

The Art Institute of Chicago contacted our experts at PKG Equipment Inc. about designing and fabricating a custom wet bench system for their school. This system is used for printmaking in the acid room at the etching shop. The bench system is comprised of four modules with total of six etch tank inserts with covers, three sinks, and three ventilation hoods with exhaust connections. Sidewalls, inserts, covers, and ventilation hoods are constructed of white homopolymer polypropylene. Sinks, countertops, and backsplashes are made of black copolymer polypropylene with stainless steel supports.

All modules feature sliding doors, and two modules feature pull out style removable drip trays under all sinks and inserts. The PVC piping water feed is equipped with true union ball valves to allow repair or replacement of the main valve body without disrupting the piping system. Sinks have 1 ½” NPT drains and are equipped with laboratory style wash down sprayers featuring flexible spray hoses and lever action spray heads.

We previously fabricated a similar wet bench system for The Rochester Institute of Technology. Photos of this system can be seen in the book “The Contemporary Printmaker: Intaglio-Type & Acrylic Resist Etching” written by Keith Howard, who is considered to be the foremost authority in the field of non-toxic intaglio printmaking. For more information about this custom wet bench system fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Custom Wet Bench System

Project Description

PKG Equipment Inc. designed and fabricated a wet bench system for the Print Media Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to be used in an etching shop acid room for printmaking.

Product Name

Etching Shop Acid Room Wet Bench System


Left Hand Module:
Length: 110″
Width: 44″
Height: 44″

  • (2) 24″ x 24″ x 12″ deep sinks
  • (2) 4″ x 20″ x 28″ deep etch tank inserts
  • (2) 6″ x 14″ x 20″ deep etch tank inserts
  • (1) 61″ long ventilation hood w/ 5″ x 12″ exhaust connection
  • (1) 49″ long ventilation hood w/ 5″ x 12″ exhaust connection

Right Hand Module:
Length: 110″
Width: 44″
Height: 44″

  • (1) 42″ x 32″ x 6″ deep etch tank insert
  • (1) 68″ long ventilation hood w/ 5″ x 28″ exhaust connection

West Wall Module:
Length: 46″
Width: 22″
Height: 39″

    • (1) 42″ x 6″ x 34″ deep etch tank insert

South Wall Module:
Length: 120″
Width: 44″
Height: 39″

      • (1) 48″ x 32″ x 12″ deep sink
Material Used

Sidewalls, Inserts & Covers: white homopolymer polypropylene

Ventilation Hoods: white homopolymer polypropylene

Sinks & Wet Bench Tops with Backsplash: black copolymer polypropylene

Supports for Sinks & Tank Inserts: stainless steel

Piping: PVC


Modules equipped with:

  • Sliding doors
  • Removable, pull out, drip trays under sinks & inserts
  • PVC piped water feeds equipped w/ true union ball valves
  • Covers for tank inserts


  • Laboratory style wash down sprayer w/ flexible spray hose & lever action spray head
  • 1½” NPT drains


  • Integral to benches
Industry for Use

Artistic Printmaking