Drop-In Tank Liners

PKG Equipment Inc. custom fabricates rigid drop-in liners & provides custom flexible drop-in liners. Both are a quick, inexpensive, quality solution for leaking tanks, but they also can be used to extend the lives of new tanks. Liners are custom manufactured to fit any shape, size or configuration of tanks, sumps, pits & floor trenches. Various types of fittings, weirs & sumps can be accommodated. Old linings or coatings can be covered without stripping or sandblasting. Most liners are easily installed by your own personnel with minimal downtime, but we can provide supervision or installation if needed.

Flexible Drop-In Liners

  • Available in PVC, Kororseal, PTFE, or Kynar® PVDF
  • Fabricated using only the highest grade, first run, virgin materials
  • Hold a wide range of chemicals from pH1 – pH14
  • Withstand temperatures up to 200° F due to the variety of materials available
  • Dielectric seaming creates full material tear strength and smooth bonding.

Flexible drop-in liners are held on with a rope & grommets or clips. Stainless steel clips are recommended for liners that are 1/8″ or 3/16″ thick and over 8′ long. Tanks that are not square or rectangular should also use stainless steel clips where a neat, secure look is desired. For chromic acid, a PVC or Teflon skirt may be added to the top 1′ – 2′ of the tank for added protection at liquid level.

Rigid Drop-In Liners

  • Engineered to withstand corrosion, high temperatures & rugged shop use
  • Fabricated from homopolymer or copolymer polypropylene, HDPE, PVC, CPVC or PVDF depending on the application.