Plating & Anodizing Equipment

PKG Equipment Inc. manufactures plating and anodizing equipment, including wet benches, sinks, turnkey finishing systems, racks, baskets, and fixtures. Our engineers can custom design equipment based on the specific requirements of your application, but we will fabricate to customer specifications. Most equipment is fabricated in-house by our plastic fabricators and metal fabricators. We also provide installation and start-up when requested.

PKG Equipment’s finishing systems, for rack and barrel processes, may be manual or fully automated. We can provide all of the necessary equipment for your system including tanks, secondary containment, mezzanines and catwalks, control panels, ventilation and waste treatment systems, and accessories for the tank line, such as heaters and controllers, pumps and filters, rectifiers, bussing, chillers, and dryers.

Our wet benches and sinks are custom designed based on our knowledge of wet processes, your chemistry, and temperatures. They can be customized with a variety of controls and features such as digital instrumentation, removable tanks, ventilation, ultrasonics, and built-in rectifiers. We have provided wet benches and sinks to customers in a variety of industries such as aerospace, electronics, and artistic printmaking.

Tooling for your finishing operation can also be designed and fabricated by PKG Equipment Inc. Our durable racks, baskets, and fixtures are designed to optimize production. We can provide a prototype, build new to an existing sample or drawing, or repair or modify your racks, baskets or fixtures.

In addition to plating and anodizing, we fabricate equipment for other finishing applications such as black oxide, cleaning, etching, pickling, and many others. Whether you need a turnkey finishing system or plating racks, PKG Equipment Inc. has the capabilities to fulfill your finishing equipment requirements.

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