Copper, Cadmium, & Silver Electroplating System

Copper, Cadmium, and Silver Electroplating SystemThis electroplating line, for copper, cadmium, and silver, was designed, fabricated, and installed by PKG Equipment as a complete replacement of an existing line. It was designed to increase the capacity of copper production while maintaining nearly the same footprint as the original system. The line included two (2) 500 lb. bridge style hoists and (25) polypropylene tanks which were bolted to an epoxy coated steel frame with stainless steel hardware. Each plating station was designed with variable rate mechanical agitation for flexibility in obtaining a more uniform coating. The line was provided with tank covers, drip shields, steam coils, digital controls, pumps, filters, bussing, two (2) additional rectifiers, a fiberglass grating catwalk, control panel, and a ventilation system. The new ventilation system included a push air system, hoods, ductwork, and fan, all constructed of PVC. Modularization included steam, process water feed, rinse feed, and drain piping. The rinse water feed is controlled by conductivity, so water is only run as required to remain in specification. The front of the line was shielded with polypropylene panels to protect piping and instrumentation, as well as for aesthetic appeal. The tanks were hydro tested, the pipelines were pressure tested, and then the line was broken down into modules for shipping. Installation was turnkey including containment trays, a wastewater treatment system for precipitation and separation of metals via microfiltration and pH adjustment, and start-up.

Highlights of this Copper, Cadmium, and Silver Electroplating System

Equipment Name

Copper, Cadmium, and Silver Electroplating System


(2) 500lb bridge style hoists

(25) Process Tanks:

  • Euro gray copolymer polypropylene construction
  • (1) Loose Euro gray copolymer polypropylene cover per tank
  • Variable rate mechanical agitation on plating tanks
  • Modularized with DI and city water feeds, drain and steam piping, and electrical
  • Copper bussing on plating tanks
  • Hydro tested


  • Steam coils, digital controls, pumps, filters, air spargers, rectifiers, PVC drip shields between tanks, and conductivity probes

Ventilation System:

  • PVC hoods, ductwork, centrifugal fan with FRP wheel, and push air system

Wastewater Treatment System:

  • Cyanide destruction system
  • Chemical pretreatment and microfiltration feed system
  • Microfiltration skid system with flush and CIP system
  • Sludge handling equipment with cone bottom thickener tank, pump station, and filter press
  • pH adjust and sewer transfer tank with pH adjust package, surge tank, and final discharge
    flow meter
  • Main control panel with touchscreen and HMI


  • Design
  • Pipelines pressure tested
  • (2) polypropylene containment trays
  • Fiberglass grating catwalk with epoxy coated steel frame
  • Line skirted with Euro gray copolymer polypropylene panels
  • Control panel
  • Turnkey installation
  • Start-up assistance