PKG Equipment Inc. Receives Exclusive Authorization to use HY-PRO® for Plastic Fabrications

PKG Equipment Inc. has just received exclusive authorization to use HY-PRO® flame retardant clad polypropylene to manufacture process equipment. PKG Equipment has been fabricating process equipment from various thermoplastics for over 30 years, but this new capability allows PKG to offer plastic fabrications that require some flame retardant provisions without the expense associated with solid flame retardant sheet.

HY-PRO® was developed by Allegheny Plastics, but Siemens Corp. currently owns the trademark and rights to HY-PRO®. It is co-extruded polypropylene sheet with an impact resistant copolymer polypropylene core and two outer protective layers of .090″ thick flame retardant copolymer polypropylene. HY-PRO® offers the superior weld ability, toughness and strength of the copolymer polypropylene core with flame retardant skins on the outside faces. Butt welds are made by machine hot blade fusion welds or by using full penetration welds with natural copolymer polypropylene welding rod. The only non flame retardant areas in fabricated parts are the exposed edges and weld seams which are a very small percentage of the total surface area.

While this material has flame retardant outer protective layers, it is not represented as having the equivalent burning characteristics as solid flame retardant sheet. It is an economical alternative with superior physical properties. The flame retardant skins protect the copolymer core from ignition from weld splatter, burning droplets, electrical arching, etc. Typical applications for HY-PRO® polypropylene include, but are not limited to fume exhaust hoods, ductwork, tank covers and scrubber bodies.

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