PKG Equipment Installs New Miller Submerged Arc Welding System

PKG Equipment recently installed a new Miller submerged arc welding system to expand its capabilities in the fabrication of process equipment. This sumerged arc welder uses a continuously fed consumable solid or tubular (flux cored) electrode. The molten weld and the arc zone are protected from atmospheric contamination by being “submerged” under a blanket of granular fusible flux. When molten, the flux becomes conductive and provides a current path between the electrode and the work. This thick layer of flux completely covers the molten metal thus preventing splatter and sparks as well as suppressing the intense ultraviolet radiation and fumes that are a part of the welding process. The sub-arc welder is mounted to an Aronson manipulator that has a 10′ longitudinal travel and a 12′ vertical travel. Advantages of sub-arc welding are reduced weld time, high deposition rate, superior weld penetration and repeatable x-ray quality welds.

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